The romantic atmosphere of the Beskydy mountains, together with the unique view of the valley is the best combination for your wedding day.
We will make your day to its perfection! 

Your wedding day

You will fall in love with the decorations the minute you enter the rooftop, where you will say your ‘I DO’ in the wooden chapel. After the lunch is served and the cake is enjoyed by your guests, it is the right time to enjoy the first dance. Whether you prefer traditional cimbalom music or modern dance music, you will be the dancing stars this time. It is again time to enjoy some delicious food once it gets darker, so you are now facing a great selection of the buffet, followed by great celebration till the dawn! 

Our congress hall is suitable for up to 150 wedding guests and the hotel offers an accommodation for over 130 guests. You can spend the whole day at one place with your beloved family and friends.