Dětský svět

Children’s playground

A unique Wallachian children’s playground.
The kids can enjoy a horse-drawn carriage, slide, small climbing wall and spring swings.
The playground is located right next to the sheep fence. Therefore children can pamper the small animals. 

Children’s playroom

A little playroom guarded by Maya the Bee and dragon Bonifac, where the children will feel safe to play, create or read a fairy-tale book together with the parents. 

The adventure trail

The kids become scouts exploring the mysteries and interesting facts about the Solan and the Wallachian region right in the nature.
Only on selected dates. 

Fairy-tales screening

Visit the fairy-tale lounge to watch some of your favourite fairy-tales.

Baking for children

The children enjoy a funny time while creating and seasoning their own rolls! The pastry will be baked over the night and will magically appear during the next morning breakfast!

The magic lesson

Let the kids become little wizards during the magic lesson with our friendly fairy.