Solan - Vrchol ski centre

The ski centre is located on the northeastern side of the Solan mountain, offering magnificent views of the Radhošť, Smrk and Lysá mountains and reaching up to 861 m. 

Having almost 4 km of ski slopes, the centre is the largest one in the Vsetin region.
You can enjoy 4 ski lifts and 7 ski slopes of various difficulty levels. 

Our ski bus will take you right to the ski slope and back directly from the hotel parking.

The skiing & snowboarding school

Book a lecture of skiing or snowboarding for the children or event for the whole family.
Our instructors will help you to learn the basics, as well as to improve your style.
The smallest of our guests can enjoy a little skiing playground. 

Cross-country skiing

Do you fancy cross-country more than downhill skiing?
It is not a problem at all! You can enjoy the crest trail towards Bumbálka, as well as the cross-country trails in Velké Karlovice.