Magnetotherapy Biomag

A pulsing mat comforter improving the blood circulation and thus relieving muscle tension and pain.

Steam box

Relaxation and detoxication of your body in a steam box. Enjoy sauna experience in complete privacy.

Collagen Lighting Therapy

Lighting therapy improves your skin and renews the skin cells. The skin is stimulated to create new cells and thus regenerate itself. 

Lymphatic therapy

Lymphatic trousers use 24 separate air chambers to stimulate the cells, detoxicate your body and to improve the circulation of your lymphatic and venous system. Prevents the cellulite.

Oxygen therapy

The high oxygen input improves cell oxidation and thus improves the regeneration of your body.


Mechanical massage influences your digestive system, improves the muscles conditions and join movement. Rolletic also improves lymphatic system and blood circulation, which leads to the improvement of the balance of your hormonal and neural systems.

Body-Space Vacutherm

Tread-mill which combines infra-red light with vacuum and thus creates perfect conditions for your highly effective workout.
The muscles are heated up quickly, the blood circulation increases and the fat burning is speeded up.
Helps to reduce the cellulite.