The selection matches the massage selection and the combination therefore improves the effects of both of the treatments.
Body wraps have unique ability to improve the conditions of rheumatism and muscle tension.

Peat body wrap

to detoxicate your body and improve scars and joints

Oil shale and stone oil body wrap

to improve conditions of rheumatism and muscle pain

Beeswax body wrap

as a psychical tension relief and dry-skin treatment

Ayurvedic herbs body wrap

to prevent respiratory diseases

Lavender body wrap

to relieve stress-caused pain

Coconut body wrap

to heal dry and sensitive skin

Chocolate body-wrap

anti bad mood, protects the skin against aging

Orange body wrap

to detoxicate and exfoliate the skin

Heat Vulkan Pack body wrap

as a muscle tension relief, highly recommended as a pre-massage body wrap

Paraffin hands wrap

to sooth the skin