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COVID-19 information

Temporary accommodation conditions

Following the current regulation of the Government of the Czech Republic, we would like to inform you about the following temporary conditions of accommodation:

In the event that you are forced to cancel your reservation due to demonstrably ordered quarantine or COVID-19 disease, you will not lose the paid deposit. Cancellation conditions will not be applied to the paid deposit and we will allow you to use up the paid amount at another date.

Upon arrival, the guest is required to complete and sign a solemn declaration of the absence of symptoms of the viral disease.

We recommend making payments for the use of hotel services by credit card.

According to the hygienic measures of the Czech Republic, we respectfully remind you of the label for wearing veils, which includes covering your mouth and nose with a veil or scarf in the public areas of the hotel.

According to the hygienic measures of the Czech Republic, hand disinfection must be observed when entering each hotel operation.

Current information

In Wellness & Spa steam saunas are closed.

In hotel pool can be up to 5 guests.

In fitness center can be up to 3 guests.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hygienic standards

In accordance with the official recommendation of the WHO organization for the public and the regulation of the Government of the Czech Republic

The health of our guests and staff is our highest priority. Below you can read about hygiene standards related to protection against the COVID-19 virus on the premises of our hotel.

Every employee of our hotel strictly adheres to comprehensive protective measures against the COVID-19 virus, recommended by the WHO and the government of the Czech Republic, such as thorough hand hygiene, wearing face masks in the hotel, physical distancing, avoiding contact with eyes, nose and mouth and he is also instructed to seek medical attention if he or someone around him has symptoms consistent with infection.

We make sure that the hotel environment is clean and hygienic, eg by treating surfaces and objects with disinfectant to prevent contamination of surfaces that are touched by staff or guests. The hotel encourages staff to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly and provides access to places where they can wash their hands with soap and water.

Hand-held disinfectant gels are placed in all the leading parts of the hotel and we regularly replenish this product so that it is always available to everyone.

The hotel has face masks for those who develop symptoms in the hotel corresponding to the COVID-19 virus to prevent it from spreading, or also at the request of the hotel guest.